Transparency in Algorithmic Decisions

Transparency in Algorithmic Decisions

An article by Bredow researcher Amélie Pia Heldt has been published in the current issue of the journal Computer und Recht (CR) [Computer and Law]. In this article, she focuses on the transparency in algorithmic decisions. Despite being anchored in the General Data Protection Regulation; transparency remains a relatively vague concept in the debate about handling algorithmic decisions. This article briefly introduces the problem and takes a look at the labelling requirements in food law in order to draw possible recommendations for similar obligations for algorithmic decisions.

Since 1985, Computer und Recht is an important journal for the practice of information technology law. With its competence, practical orientation and timely manner, it offers expert contributions and jurisprudence on essential legal issues in connection with information technology.

The current issue can be ordered online.

Heldt, A. P. (2018): Transparenz bei algorithmischen Entscheidungen – Food for Thoughts [Transparency in Algorithmic Decisions – Foods for Thoughts], CR Issue 8, pp. 494-500.



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