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BredowCast 88: Mediensysteme in Nordwest-Europa

BredowCast 88: Mediensysteme in Nordwest-Europa

Barbara Thomaß and Volker Grassmuck talk about the media systems of Northwestern Europe

The two HBI researchers Volker Grassmuck and Barbara Thomaß have collaborated on an anthology that examines Europe's media systems in Northern, Northwestern, Eastern and Southern Europe on the basis of Hallin and Mancini's famous analytical model ("Comparing Media Systems", 2004). The chapter by Barbara Thomas and Volker Grassmuck is devoted to Northwestern Europe (Ireland, the United Kingdom, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Germany and Austria). In this BredowCast with Johanna Sebauer, they describe the main characteristics of the media systems in this region as well as current trends and challenges.


According to our guests, the model developed by Hallin and Mancini can still be used to describe the current situation. Hallin and Mancini classified the media systems in this region as a "democratic-corporatist model", characterized by the coexistence of a strong public broadcaster and private broadcasters, comparatively high print circulations, strong journalistic professionalization and a mildly pronounced political parallelism.

Platformization as a Challenge

Barbara Thomaß and Volker Grassmuck see the greatest challenge for the media systems in this region, but also for Europe as a whole, in digitalization and platformization with the ever-increasing availability of media content on private digital platforms such as Netflix, Disney Plus and others. "All these platforms are American. On the one hand, Europe is losing sovereignty over its information infrastructure as a result," says Barbara Thomaß "But the European storytelling tradition could also be lost to some extent if only American films and series are consumed."


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(Hamburg, 6 December 2023)


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