BredowCast 40: Die Wege unserer Daten

BredowCast 40: Die Wege unserer Daten

On the Internet, our data goes a long way, which is often difficult to understand. Florian Wittner followed them and wanted to know which one of the many actors in the so-called "platform ecosystems" is responsible for data protection.

We rarely interact online with just one provider, but - usually without knowing it - with a number of services, providers and platforms that are linked together in a complex network. Science calls these conglomerates "platform ecosystems" or "service ecosystems". Florian Wittner is a PhD student in law at the Leibniz Institute for Media Research | Hans-Bredow-Institut. He examined the data flows in these platform ecosystems and asked who is responsible for the protection of our data when they pass through the hands of several actors.
In this episode of the BredowCast, he explains to host Johanna Sebauer how data flows function technically and talks about the difficulty of legally assigning data protection responsibilities.




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