Das Social Credit-System Chinas - Big Brother Is Watching You?

"Das Social Credit-System Chinas - Big Brother is Watching You? [The Social Credit System of China]", panel discussion with W. Schulz at 'China Time 2018', organised by the China-EU School of Law on 10 September 2018 in Hamburg.

In China, the social credit system is being tested in about a dozen regions of the coutnry. In 2020, it is to be introduced nationwide. The system analyses the digital movements of its citizens. Additionally, the government checks if their Chinese citizens pay their bills, observe traffic rules, donate on a regular basis and take care of their parents ec.

The introduction of this system has been the subject of intense and mainly critical comments in the press. What are the goals of its introduction? Are there only disadvantages? How do we deal with collected data in Europe?

The China-EU School of Law organises a panel discussion with China experts and data privacy during 'China Time 2018' in Hamburg. Guests will be Prof. Dr. Genia Kostka (Freie Universität Berlin), Ms. Katja Kühnreich (Author, Sinologist), Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Schulz (Hans-Bredow-Institut). Prof. Hinrich Julius (Universität Hamburg) will chair this discussion.


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