Jugendschutzprogramme und aktuelle technische Herausforderungen

Jugendschutzprogramme und aktuelle technische Herausforderungen

Youth protection programmes as a form of technical protection of minors from harmful media have not really made it into the minds and hearts of parents, educational specialists and media providers. Once celebrated as an achievement of the Interstate Treaty on the Protection of Minors in the Media (JMStV), a shift towards proprietary, offer-specific functionalities for the technical protection of minors in the media has been observed since 2018. The first two systems in individual offers - Netflix and Nintendo - were rated positively and are known to many adults from everyday use of media due to their market power. But what does this shift do with the " great success " of a comprehensive child protection programme? What challenges do the JMStV requirements and the providers of filter systems for the open network face - first and foremost JusProg? In his article in the journal TV diskurs, Dr. Stephan Dreyer analyses a fragile system that is in motion.
Dreyer, S. (2019): Von Schweizer Taschenmessern und Enten mit drei Beinen. Jugendschutzprogramme und aktuelle technische Herausforderungen [Of Swiss Pocket Knives and Ducks with Three Legs. Youth Protection Programmes and Current Technical Challenges], Print Edition tv diskurs: 23. Jg., 1/2019 (issue 87), pp. 72-77.

The complete article is available online and as download (pdf).

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