Entscheidungen unter Ungewissheit im Jugendmedienschutz

Entscheidungen unter Ungewissheit im Jugendmedienschutz

Dreyer, S. (2018): Entscheidungen unter Ungewissheit im Jugendmedienschutz. Untersuchung der spielraumprägenden Faktoren gesetzgeberischer und behördlicher Entscheidungen mit Wissensdefiziten [Decisions under Uncertainty in the Protection of Minors in the Media. Analysis of the Factors Influencing the Scope of Legislative and Official Decisions with Knowledge Deficits]. Baden-Baden: Nomos, 431 p., paperback, ISBN 978-3-8487-5393-2, 114,- EUR, Publishing Information

Legal decision-makers often encounter knowledge deficits. The decision-maker is then required to make a decision regardless of uncertainty. The legislator can delegate its uncertainty to downstream decision-makers. This can unfold control advantages if decision-makers who are closer to the subject can adapt more flexible to changing framework conditions and scientific or technical findings or social developments. However, at all decion-making levels the question arises as to what extent the form of uncertainty, the strategies of its legal process and the constitutional guidelines to be taken into account in the decision affect the fulfilment of legal decision-making leeway and standards. The work takes a concrete perspective focusing on uncertainty aspects of decisions on the protection of minors in the media and examines the forms of knowledge deficits and the related (assessment) leeway within this area.

This work is part of the series Hamburger Schriften zum Medien-, Urheber- und Telekommunikationsrecht [Hamburg Papers on Media, Copyright and Telecommunications Law], volume 14.

The jurisprudential dissertation by Dr. Stephan Dreyer examines how legislators come to their decisions in the field of the protection of minors in the media, even if they have knowledge deficits in this area and must judge on an uncertain basis.

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