Chers voisins d’outre-Rhin: Kommt das französische NetzDG?

In his New Year's address, French President Emmanuel Macron announced a draft law against misreporting on the Internet, which should be available by the end of 2018. This news comes at a time when the implementation of the Network Enforcement Act [NetzDG] is being closely monitored in Germany. This article explains what goals Macron wants to achieve with his draft law and where the differences or similarities with the NetzDG lie.

Heldt, A. P. (2018): Chers voisins d’outre-Rhin: Kommt das französische NetzDG? [Dear Neighbors from across the Rhine: Is the French Network Enforcement Act Coming?] In: JuWiss Blog: Junge Wissenschaft im Öffentlichen Recht. Website. Hamburg: Bucerius Law School (online).

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