CD "Flucht und Vertreibung im Rundfunk"

CD "Flucht und Vertreibung im Rundfunk"

Is the situation of refugees in Germany really new?  Or are there similarities across time and countries? What are the specifics or parallels of flight and integration processes in the past and present? The new CD on the topic of "Flight and Expulsion in Broadcasting. Audio Recordings from 1945 to 1960" provides answers to these questions as well as suggestions for debates. The CD was conceptualised by Alina Laura Tiews and is published by the Hans-Bredow-Institut with the support of Stiftung Deutsches Rundfunkarchiv [German Broadcasting Archive] and the Historische Kommission der ARD. Sound Examples / Information Sheet (in German)

The CD contains excerpts of  sound documents from the German Broadcasting, which focus on the reception and experiences of German refugees and displaced people after World War II. You will find broadcasting productions from the Western occupation zone and the Federal Republic of Germany as well as productions from the Soviet occupation zone and the GDR. Thus, the CD follows the communication on German refugees and displaced persons after 1945 in the mass media of that time: the radio. Hence, it  provides information on the historical and media-historical situation but it also raises issues abouts similiarities and differences in the present.

An accompanying booklet provides detailed historical background information and scientific comments. Thereby, the audio excerpts are put in context and can used conveniently for journalistic and educational purposes.

The CD can be picked up free of charge from the Hans-Bredow-Institut or ordered by sending a stamped addressed envelope (Din A5, franked with EUR 1.45 for 1 copy shipping within Germany):

Rothenbaumchaussee 36
20148 Hamburg, Germany

If you would like to order more than one copy, please contact us at info@hans-bredow-institut.de or +49 40 45 02 17 11 to clarify the amount of stamps on the stamped addressed envelope.

Hans-Bredow-Institut (ed.) (2017): Flucht und Vertreibung im Rundfunk. Tondokumente aus den Jahren 1945 bis 1960 [Flight and Expulsion in Broadcasting. Audio Recordings from 1945 to 1960], conceptual design and text: A. L. Tiews and H.-U. Wagner. Hamburg: Verlag Hans-Bredow-Institut.

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