Governance, Regulation, Innovation and Emerging Social Conventions in Changing Media Environments

Governance, Regulation, Innovation and Emerging Social Conventions in Changing Media Environments

Ongoing media change and associated shifts in the wider media ecologies require us to rethink current media governance and regulation frameworks; the development of new social conventions by user communities within specific media environments especially in new and social media must be recognised in this process, and media policy must begin to engage with the social conventions established by users themselves, but also with the structuring power that is inherent in the “technological architecture” of hardware and software configurations, the code.
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Project Description

The collaboration project between the Hans Bredow Institute and the Centre of Excellence for Creative Industries and Innovation (CCI) in Brisbane, Australia, is financed by the German Research Foundation and consists of two bilateral workshops, which will pursue these issues and take account for the demand for an international and interdisciplinary collaboration. The first workshop took place in Sydney, Australia, in February 2012. The second will follow in Hamburg in July 2012. These workshops are designed to further strengthen the emerging long-term collaboration between the Hans Bredow Institute (HBI), Hamburg, and the ARC Centre of Excellence for Creative Industries and Innovation (CCI), Brisbane, both of which are recognised as the leading centres for media and communication research in their respective countries. The two proposed workshops deepen these scholarly and interpersonal ties, and enable a greater number of researchers from both institutions to participate in academic exchange.

As main topics of the ongoing collaboration questions have been identified in the field of innovation and governance, the determination of social added value of public service broadcasting, as well as the reach measurement in a changing media environment.

Project Information


Duration: 2011-2012

Research programme:
RP2 - Regulatory Structures and the Emergence of Rules in Digital Communication

Contact person

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Schulz
Director (Chairperson)

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Schulz

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