Johanna Sebauer in Literature Retreat in Italy

Johanna Sebauer in Literature Retreat in Italy

Johanna Sebauer, host of the BredowCast and science communicator at the institute, has received a scholarship from the Burgenland Cultural Department for the artist studio in Paliano, Italy. There, she is allowed to devote the month of April to free writing.

Johanna Sebauer has already published short stories at edition lex liszt 12.

The Burgenland Department of Culture, together with other federal states, has rented a studio apartment in Paliano, 80 km south of Rome, and is awarding it for a period of one month each within the framework of a call for tenders.

The Bundesländereratelier is made available to artists from the visual arts, photography, film, literature and composition sectors at the suggestion of the responsible advisory board. The award of a studio place is associated with the receipt of a scholarship amounting to Euro 800.


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