Johanna Sebauer in an Interview about the BredowCast

Johanna Sebauer in an Interview about the BredowCast

Mediennetz Hamburg has published an interview with BredowCast host Johanna Sebauer. In this interview, they talked about the podcast itself and its role in promoting media literacy and media education.

Why is a podcast well suited for this kind of discussion, what is the advantage of it, and what is special about it?”
In my opinion, the podcast format is particularly suitable for scientific topics. Scientific issues are often complex and are difficult to explain in a short original soundtrack on the radio or with a quotation in a newspaper article. A podcast offers enough space to deal with even difficult questions in a suitable way.
What is so special about it is that you can create really nice conversational situations in a podcast. A podcast does not have to be perfectly structured, on the contrary, good podcasts live from the spontaneity and flexibility of the conversational partners. That’s what makes it so interesting and authentic. I think that’s what podcast listeners really appreciate.”

You can read the whole interview on the homepage of Mediennetz Hamburg. Mediennetz Hamburg is a registered association committed to media education and to the promotion of media literacy in Hamburg. Through its Internet platform and networking events, it offers media pedagogical actors the opportunity to exchange information on a regular and intensive basis.


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