Hans Bredow on the Beginnings of Broadcasting

Hans Bredow on the Beginnings of Broadcasting

An interview with Hans Bredow on the Beginnings of Broadcasting in the First World War can now be listened to in the podcast "SWR2 Archivradio – Geschichte in Originaltönen" ["SWR Radio Archive - History in Original Sounds"].

The war was a catalyst for a whole series of technologies, including broadcasting technology. Although official broadcasting in Germany did not begin until 1923, technological developments were substantially advanced during the war. Later in the Second World War, radio was mainly used for mass propaganda, but not yet in the First World War. The technology was used for war purposes, but above all for information transmission or entertainment and for the uplifting of the soldiers. This interview with Hans Bredow was recorded in 1954. In this interview, he talks about how he had already started his experiments before the war and how things continued during the war. (25 November 1954)

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