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Call for Papers: Transmedia Conference 2025

Call for Papers: Transmedia Conference 2025

The international conference “Transmedia History: Circulations, Reconfigurations and New Methodologies”—organised by the Impresso project and the University of Lausanne’s History Department on 27 and 28 January 2025—will gather scholars from various backgrounds around this question to exchange views on new prospects opened by digitisation and digital tools to carry out transmedia research.

For more information and full CFP, visit the conference website.

As the aim of this scientific event is to contribute to the clarification and development of the transmedia approach from a historical and long-term perspective and, more broadly, to promote a decompartmentalised history of the media, we encourage contributions from junior and senior researchers who wish to share their empirical and methodological approaches in this field.

Go to conference website

Practical information

The conference will be held at the University of Lausanne. Remote participation (via Zoom) will be possible only if absolutely necessary and on explicit request.

Working languages at the conference will be English and French. All speakers are kindly requested to prepare slides in the other language to accompany their talk. We strive to publish selected papers in the form of a special issue in a media history journal.

If speakers’ home institutions cannot cover travel and accommodation costs, partial or full support may be available depending on the number of requests. Please submit an explicit request for this funding. Priority will be given to junior researchers.

Submission procedure and important dates

July 15, 2024: Proposals must be submitted via Easychair.

Proposals (max. 350 words) should include a title, a clear outline of the research question, a bibliography (max. 5 references); please add a short bio-bibliographical note (max. 150 words) and a note as to whether or not you intend to travel to Lausanne. In EasyChair, please use the “Title and abstract” section to upload your plain text proposal: the abstract, its references and the bio–bibliographical note can be inserted in the same field. No need to produce a PDF document.

Early September, 2024: Notification of acceptance after a selection process conducted with the help of the Scientific Committee members.

December 13, 2024: Those interested in taking part in the publication project submit a paper of circa 6,000 words to be forwarded to the organisers and panel discussants.

January 27-28, 2025: International conference at the University of Lausanne.

April 1, 2025: Submission of final versions of papers selected for publication.

This work has been supported by the Swiss National Science Foundation under grant No. CRSII5_213585 and by the Luxembourg National Research Fund under grant No. 17498891.

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash


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