Dipl.-Soz.Päd. Sebastian Adrian

Sebastian Adrian worked as junior researcher at the Hans-Bredow-Institut in 2016. His academic research focused on usage and socialisation of media and youth protection.

Sebastian Adrian completed his studies of social work with emphasis on education at the University of Kassel and afterwards studied international criminology at the department of social sciences at the University of Hamburg. From 2008 to 2014 he worked in social welfare services in the area of Hamburg, until he started working as student assistant at the Hans-Bredow-Institut.

Furthermore his research interests are the issues of online prosecution of german law enforcement and the ethnographic research of spatial criminology and socialisation.

Latest publications

  • Rechlitz, M.; Lampert, C. (under assistance by S. Adrian, S. Dreyer & U. Hasebrink) (2015): Jugendschutzsoftware im Erziehungsalltag. Akzeptanz und Einsatz technischer Hilfsmittel in der elterlichen Medienerziehung. [Youth protection software in parental life. Acceptance and application of technical tools for parental media education.] Hamburg: Verlag Hans-Bredow-Institut, February 2015 (Working Paper of the Hans-Bredow-Institut, Nr. 33).

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Latest lectures

  • "Overwhelmed by the Internet? Police Perception of Online Drug Trafficking", presentation by S. Adrian at the Spring Common Session “Crimes Against Reality” within the Common Study Programme on Criminal Justice and Critical Criminology on 5th Mai 2015 in Hamburg (in collaboration witht Mallika Saraswat und Diana Selck).

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Dipl.-Soz.Päd. Sebastian Adrian