Dipl.-Psych. Juliane Finger

Associate Researcher of the Hans-Bredow-Institut

Dipl.-Psych. Juliane Finger (born 1980) was a researcher at the Institute of Media and Communication (Prof. Dr. Uwe Hasebrink) of the University of Hamburg 2009 untill 2015. From October 2009 she had also been a member of the Graduate School “Media and Communication“ of the“Research Center for Media and Communication (RCMC)” at the University of Hamburg. In her dissertation she investigates long-term media effects. With the example of the representation of the Holocaust on television she aims to determine which significance the use of television has for mental representations of recipients in the long term.

Juliane Finger studied Psychology at the Julius-Maximilians-University Würzburg, the Saarland University in Saarbrücken (focussing on media and organisational psychology) and at the University of Missouri (USA). Her diploma thesis was devoted to the depiction of the differences between sexes in the media, using the example of the TV inspectors in "Tatort“.

Juliane Finger's current research interests are reception history, and long-term effects of the media, as well individual and collective memory.

Latest publications

  • Finger, J. (2010): Vorstellung des Dissertationsvorhabens “Den Holocaust fernsehen. Eine qualitative Studie zur Bedeutung des Fernsehens für die langfristige Herausbildung von Einstellungen zum Holocaust.” [Introduction of the PhD-Project “Watching the Holocaust on TV. A Qualitative Study on the Meaning of Television for a Long-term Development of Attitudes towards the Holocaust”]. In: Rundfunk und Geschichte, Vol. 1/2, pp. 47-48.

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Latest lectures

  • "The Triple Articulation of Media Effects: A Framework for Research on How Media Matter", presentation by U. Hasebrink and J. Finger at the 5th European Communication Conference (ECREA) on 15 November 2014 in Lissboa, Portugal.

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Dipl.-Psych. Juliane Finger

Graduate School Media and Communication
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