Tipp: HIIG Early Stage Researchers Colloquium 2014

Am 9. Oktober veranstaltete das Alexander von Humboldt Institut für Internet und Gesellschaft sein jährlich stattfindendes Early Stage Researchers Colloquium ... mehr

Es bot eine Bühne für neue Perspektiven auf aktuelle Fragestellungen zu Themenkomplexen rund um Internet und Gesellschaft. Das transdisziplinär angelegte Kolloquium will ForscherInnen unterstützen, ihre eigenen Forschungsprojekte im Dialog weiterzuentwickeln und zudem eine engere Vernetzung zwischen dieser kleinen, doch stark wachsenden Forschungsgemeinschaft fördern. Die Veranstaltung richtete sich dabei vor allem an Promovierende und PostDocs. Das Kolloquium ist Teil des Doktorandenprogramms des Alexander von Humboldt Institut für Internet und Gesellschaft und wurde thematisch von den den Doktorandinnen und Doktoranden des Instituts zusammengestellt.

The colloquium consisted of two thematically focused tracks:

Pay per Pixel

In the near future, we will be paying for movies according to the size of the screen that it is displayed on, as stated by Jeffrey Katzenberg, CEO of DreamWorks Animation. Whether that will actually happen remains to be seen, however it is clear that business models are changing rapidly due to the digital switch and correspondingly changing user expectations and behaviours. In the ESRC we will talk about how audiovisual media (e.g. film, animation, games, television etc) can cope with these dynamic circumstances. In specific on how new business models occur that adjust to the changing viewing behavior of users. What implications does this have on copyright legislation and on data protection as well as on the norms and regulations that emerge outside the legal realm? We regard this theme from a multidisciplinary perspective, and welcome contributions from the area of media studies, law, social sciences and economics. During the session, academics and people working in the f ield will participate in the discussion and provide a practical angle.


Private Information – Open Debates

Privacy debates in the age of the Internet are prominent focal points of all the challenges arising from increased network connection, new data generation and collection techniques and conflicting cultural values. In the ESRC, we want to explore the governance of privacy works on a global scale. What are the global governance challenges of privacy? How is privacy understood and perceived in different fora and what does that mean for governing privacy? We welcome perspectives from all disciplines and from theoretical and empirical backgrounds to contribute to our debate on governance and privacy. During the session there will be very brief five-minute inputs by the authors of the papers and ample of room for discussion and the generation of new ideas.